Burris Rocky Hill Recognizes Their “Frozen Heroes”!

We’ve been running a fun new feature on our social media channel’s this year called “Frozen Heroes”. At all of our facilities we have countless team members that work day in and day out in conditions that most would never want to spend more than a few seconds in.  This week our Rocky Hill team shared a quick insight into their Frozen Heroes and what it takes to keep the ice cream rolling to the stores and into your freezers! Thank you to the Rocky Hill leadership team for sharing this great write up!

“The Rocky Hill team has many Frozen Heroes. Our building operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is always some kind of activity going on in the freezer; from our night shift selection team to our day shift receiving team and the countless others that support the them.

In the first picture are our AM Frozen Receiving Team (left to right) of: John Taylor, Steve Wilkins, Ivor Giles, Jose Avilles, Isaac Alamo, Juan Ovalle, Miguel Agosto and Gabe Ramos.  Missing from this picture are: Matt Boullie, Bryan Goral, Miguel Madera and Antonio Almeida.

Burris Logistics Rocky Hil AM Receiving

The freezer selection team works at night here in Rocky Hill.  They work seven days a week to provide BJs with quality product, ensuring their customers can feed their families. Our volume has increased and it makes sense, with everyone being so busy and making good healthy choices in frozen food, people are buying more frozen. We sure are happy about this and you can see the excitement in the TMs faces and the smiles tell the story.  “Next time you cook up that meal in the microwave or oven remember the smiling face that got it to your freezer!!”

Mike BergeronOne of those smiling faces is Night Shift Selector, Michael Bergeron who has been with Burris for 5 years.  Michael is a valued member of the team as he often volunteers to come in on his day off to help out the operation.  Michael excels in many areas of his job. His performance is consistently above the expectation of 100%. His quality meets the expectations for Burris and his team work is outstanding. Michael has become more and more of a voice for safety in the warehouse as well; he can be found in the aisle of the freezer sharing valuable information with the trainees. With his assistance, we have seen new team members start to pick with more confidence.  Michael has built strong relationships with his team members and the members of leadership team. Thank you Michael for giving Burris your best every time you enter the building.

Koby2Another team member on the night shift we would like to recognize is Koby Gehl.  Koby has been with Burris since October 10, 2011 as a Selector.  Since he has started, and even after his training period, he has been well above the company standard of 100% for productivity.  On a consistent basis, Koby has met and exceeded the expectations for quality.  He has been recognized for having the most cases with very little errors in the building.   Within the last 2 years, he has taken a more active role in the business, by cross training in receiving as a Hauler and Lumper.  Koby helps out in checking if there is a need and he also is in the process of learning how to load. After that, he is interested in learning the Hi-Lo.  Koby shows interest in learning all the functions of the warehouse. He has come in on extra days for receiving and shipping too. Since his first day here, Koby hasn’t had any incidents in regards to safety.  Koby has been a good example to team members, his self-motivation has improved other selectors to step up their production.  He is a team member that represents what we call The Burris Culture.

How do we keep this place cold day in and day out you ask?  Our Plant Engineer, Ludek Sebak and Ammonia Operator, Demiche Freeman work together as a team to keep the refrigeration system running efficiently at very low temperatures.


Keeping the freezer cool during all times of the year is a task these two take on with pride.  The hours spent making the rounds, doing PMs and dialing the system in, allow these two Frozen Heroes to do what they do best, Keep the warehouse cold.  The commitment of Ludek and Demiche is truly a blessing, Rocky Hill is cold and strong because of the refrigeration work these two provide for the entire operation.


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