Burris Success Story – Evelyn Marks from Burris Elkton


By: Sarah Lauzen

I first met Evelyn at our HPWP (High Performance Work Place) Conference in the end of February. Even though we were in different groups, we ended up sitting across the table from one another at the final dinner. From our very short conversation, I could tell that she was an extremely motivated supervisor who goes out of her way to help others. During that dinner, I happened to mention to Evelyn that I have always wanted to learn how to operate a pallet jack.  She immediately encouraged me to come up to Elkton and get certified! (Which I did (smile)) She helped take my “talk” and put it into action.  After visiting with Evelyn and her team one night this month, I am quite certain that one of her greatest talents is turning talk into action.

While I was on site, I was able to witness Evelyn in her element. As a PM receiving manager of a mostly all guy team, Evelyn does not skip a beat. She has that unique ability to connect with team members on all levels.  She is a mentor, friend and respected leader of her team.  Her manager, Bill Morrow, mentioned that Evelyn would make a great candidate for our Burris Success Story series, and after hearing about her Burris journey, I whole-heartily agreed.

Bill was kind enough to writeup a short piece about Evelyn’s success at Burris Elkton:

I would like to share the success story of Evelyn’s efforts and performance with all of Burris. I actually cannot say enough good things about her as a person and as a leader.  She has stepped up in what is essentially a very harsh and male dominated environment and held her own, gaining respect as a detailed manager of processes and as a caring leader of people.  She is truly the strength of the night receiving operation and one of the top leaders in the Elkton Distribution Center.  She has an amazing level of energy and drive (better than having the energizer bunny working with us (smile)) to get things done and do right by the company and by each associate she leads and each individual she comes in contact with.  She is best known for consistently going above and beyond all expectations and to her utter commitment to taking those around her and the operation to the next level of success.   

She joined the Burris team in June of 2010 as a Receiving Clerk where she quickly mastered every aspect of the receiving office establishing herself as the go-to-person for all related issues.  During this time she not only performed her duties and responsibilities to the utmost, she also created a comprehensive set of SOP’s around everything she learned which served as a foundation to many of the successes surrounding the efficient operation of the receiving office.

In Feb 2012 she was promoted to the Receiving Office Lead where she continued to build on her dedicated efforts of stabilizing the office operation around her ability to fully grasp, document and pass on the day-to-day needs and requirements of the operation.

In May of 2012 she was promoted to a Receiving Supervisor where she fully engaged her embedded talent to take charge of and lead people and operations.  Here she, once again, quickly mastered every aspect of her responsibilities to include taking care of the associates establishing herself as the go-to-leader for not only operational needs but just as important the needs of the associates.   It did not take long at all for not only her associates to embrace her as a leader that they knew they could trust to do the right thing by them and the company but also by others throughout the operation that tracked her down for her guidance and assistance.    

Outside of the workplace she is a graduate of Delaware County Community College where she majored in Architecture, is a volunteer member for the Spayed Club of Sharron Hill, PA and is an avid reader. 

Evelyn is truly a leader who exemplifies the characteristics and core values that the Burris culture is built on.  She is indisputably a very dedicated respectful dependable and trustworthy leader that continues to play a pivotal role in the success of the department, the company and her fellow team members.  She is truly a very valued asset to her team members and to the company.


Bill Morrow

One aspect that I really admire about Evelyn is her ability and desire to chip in to help out on different warehouse tasks throughout the night.  Even though it is not a requirement for her position, she is trained and certified on most of the equipment. She said to me, “Hey, if I have to manage others that operate pallet jacks, forklifts etc., I need to know how to do it myself.” She often pitches in to help the lumpers wrap pallets and encourages her team to speak up if they want to be crossed trained in any position.

Thank you for your dedication to your team and to Burris, Evelyn!


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