Burris Team Member Success Story: Mike Dameron from Burris Lyndhurst!

This month we would like to recognize Mike Dameron, Operations Manager for our Burris Lyndhurst, VA location! Mike has been a valued team member for over 16 years and has performed just about every warehouse task there is at this facility. We asked Mike to share his Burris story with us.  Thank you Mike for all that you do for Team Burris!

Mike Dameron

The first position I held at Burris, was a lumper.  I started out loading and unloading floor loaded trucks.

My reasoning for joining Burris was pretty simple, I needed a job.  I was 23 years old and had just got out of the Air Force. A few of my friends were working here at Burris at the time and Burris was among one of the many places I had put applications in.  With the help of my friends, well, Burris was the first to call.  So, I took the job and started here at Burris.

How I learned about warehouse operations was through working my way through the variety of jobs there is in daily operations.  After working as a lumper, I moved over to running the de-slat machine, taking slats out of pallets of chicken when they came out of the blast freezer.  There is where I began to learn how to operate the Hi-Lifts.  Once I learned how to operate the hi-lift, not being that good at it at that time, I was moved down on the dock as a lift operator, pulling out bound loads and putting away inbounds. While working on the docks, I learned a variety of other tasks, such as operating the loaders and learning the different ways to load trailers.  I learned how to operate the cherry picker, split sheet and even ventured outside the warehouse to learn who to run the yard jockey.  After several years, I was offered a job on second shift as a supervisor.  I found supervision to be very challenging at first, but quickly found my groove with the way I needed to do things and it became very good for me.  I enjoyed the days for the most part and I really enjoyed the people that worked for me  . The next move I made, was into inventory, as the inventory manager.  We had normally run one person in inventory, but with the change in our business,  we had decided to expand and actually start up an inventory control department.  We had some real challenges in the warehouse at the time, and it was a challenge I was ready to take on.

My time as inventory control manager was where I became interested in pursuing future opportunities in operations.  I worked closely with the operations manager and general manager and was able to learn a lot about the way things operated.  When I was offered the job as operations manager, I felt I was ready and accepted the job.

My advice for others who may want to pursue a career at Burris is to learn as much as you can.  Take advantage of all opportunities that may come, such as going to help out at other warehouses, taking some of the classes and seminars that Burris offers.  Be a sponge and soak up all the knowledge that is out there and be able to think outside the box.  I had the opportunities, while as inventory manager, to travel to several other warehouses. I have meet a lot a great people and have learned something from all of them.

I am on my 16th year here at Burris, and I am looking forward to many more years.  I am grateful for all the opportunities that have been given to me here at Burris.

Below is Mike on the left with James, one of the warehouse supervisors of Lyndhurst. Thank you Mike!

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