Burris Team Member Success Story: Chris Lindgren

Burris Logistics is always looking for our talented team members to step forward and take advantage of promotional opportunities. As we continue to grow, we will be placing more emphasis on developing team members so we can promote from within. We will be doing a monthly feature on team members who are growing through the company.

Christopher Lindgren started at Burris Elkton as a Shipping Selector and has taken advantage of opportunities for career advancement. We asked Christopher to tell his success story and congratulate him on his recent promotion to Jr. Buyer!

1. What was your first position with Burris?

 AM Shipping Selector

2. Why did you join the Burris team?

I had two friends that said it was a great company to work for. Rick had been with Burris for 5 years and Brian for 2 at the time. They had nothing but good things to say about the company.

3. How did you learn about and become interested in taking the step to supervisor?

 My initial goal was to move up in the company but I understood I had to put time in and learn more about the business. When the supervisor posting went up I asked my current supervisors about their job and responsibilities and how they liked the job. I had developed a good relationship with my supervisors in the past months and we were able to speak very candidly about the job.

4. What did you learn that helped you to grow?

 One of the biggest things I learned is about dock flow and how to keep my team motivated in a warehouse environment. As a selector I saw areas of improvement that I would have made if I were a supervisor and used that to fuel my ideas on how to improve processes and performance.

5. How did your experience on the hiring team help your development?

 From my first interview by the hiring team, I was thoroughly impressed on the idea of having high performing associates make the decision on whether I joined the team. When I was performing interviews with the hiring team it was nice to get a different take on the team members opinions on what was important to them. Instead of just reading from a script of questions we chose the questions that were most relevant to us as individuals and it helped make solid hiring decisions for new members of Burris.

6. How did you learn about and become interested in taking the step to Jr. Buyer?

 I saw the posting in the break room and inquired more about the position to our HR department. Our HR department at Elkton consists of a team of ladies that are willing to go the extra mile for their people in every situation I have encountered. We spoke about what it is the buyers do and how they effect the company. I searched about buying in general on the web and learned more about the position and what exactly I would be doing. I relentlessly prepared for my interview thinking of what questions would be asked from my past experiences as a manager and supervisor. At my previous position as an Inventory and Merchandising manager for Wawa I performed all of the tasks of ordering (buying) and inventory control. I had a really solid understanding of item movements, spoilage control, and awareness for high and low selling items that helped me a lot.

7. What advise do you have for fellow Burris team members on career opportunities?

 From my initial days as a selector I knew I wanted to be a “go to guy”. If a problem arose or help was needed in any way I wanted to be one of the people that was called on to help. I learned as much as I could as often as possible. If my supervisor asked me to help do a separate function than selecting for the day such as hauling pallets, lumping a floor load, stripping a truck, or wrapping pallets I was always willing to help. I inquired about the safety committee and once I was eligible to join it I signed up so that I could have a better understanding of our safety as a warehouse. I inquired about joining the hiring team because I wanted to be one of the people bringing new team members to our company. My biggest advice would be to get involved in the company as much as possible for your own benefit and the companies. You can never learn enough about the company you work for and being able to help out in any way will make you a more valuable team member and will open doors in the future.

Thank you Chris for being a vital part of our “make it happen” Team!

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