Honor Foods (a Division of Burris Logistics) was founded on July 8, 1949 by Milton Singer and Hannah Kricheff.  From 1949 until 1984 the company leased warehouse space at 530 N. Beach Street, also known as Philadelphia Cold Storage. On October 11, 1983 Honor Foods broke ground (photo) for their current N. 5th Street location, spending an estimated $4.7 M for the office, warehouse and distribution center.

Honor Foods


The facility began operations in 1984. Burris Logistics acquired Honor in 2007.

Honor began as a Warehousing Distribution Center for “Institutional” Frozen Foods selling to the wholesalers/distributors that serviced restaurants, hotels, colleges and other institutions. Honor provided wholesalers with easy access to manufacturer’s product without them having to worry about meeting order minimums meet order lead times and carry excessive inventory. They could get exactly what they needed from Honor and typically, sooner than they would get product from manufacturers. It was a relatively new business model and its success spawned a number of competitors. Over time, Honor grew to become the region’s premier provider of grocery, frozen and dairy products offering more than 275 and carrying more than 2,500 items in stock. It differentiates itself from its many competitors through its strong reputation for service within the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions.

Happy Anniversary Honor Foods and here’s to another 65 years of profitable growth!

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