How Burris Atlanta Weathered the Ice Storm With Good Old-fashioned Teamwork!

Last week, the Atlanta area was hit by a crippling ice and snow storm that created difficult conditions for any business, but especially those of us in the transportation and logistics industry.

Luckily, Burris Logistics is no stranger to adapting and overcoming hurdles. Over the years we have weathered numerous unpredictable circumstances with amazing flexibility.  When Atlanta came to a halt, the rest of Burris rose to the occasion once again to help fellow team members and our customer.


The entrance to Burris Atlanta last week!

As you know, when the weather gets bad, grocery store shelves empty at an alarming rate.  Our job at Burris Logistics is to make sure that the shelves of our customers stay stock, even during the most difficult conditions.  Last week our entire Burris team came together again to prove that we live our mottos of “Get it Right” “Make it Happen and “I am Burris”!

When the roads got icy and traffic came to a standstill, we had up to 25 inbound truckloads that were either very late or didn’t come in at all.  While our customer service team worked hard to get the loads rescheduled, our partner warehouse in New Castle, Delaware started planning how to help.  The New Castle team organized, picked, and shipped out multiple loads to cover six of the stores that were schedule to be sent out by our Atlanta location that day.

Out of our 21 outbound trucks that were schedule to ship out that day, 10 arrived at the stores on time. The other 11 arrived but they were late.  While we strive for on time deliveries this was still quite a feat for our transportation team considering that we had two team members stuck in their cars on the highway for over 22 hours before they were picked up by the National Guard!


Here is a photo of what the roadways looked like around Atlanta.

While there were numerous Atlanta team members that went above and beyond by staying at work around the clock, one in particular deserves some recognition. Eduardo Quinones one of our Receiving Supervisors came in on Wednesday morning at 1am,  worked until about 9am, went home to sleep for a few hours and was back at 1pm to help receive trucks that trickled in throughout the day and following evening. Even though he was extremely tired he knew he might be one of the only few who could make it in since he lived close to the facility.  He happily volunteered his time to help the rest of the team get caught up.

Lastly, the rest of the extended Burris Family jumped at the opportunity to help their fellow team members from Burris Atlanta.  Many helped from afar, holding conference calls with our customer every few hours throughout the ordeal in order to come up with the best and safest strategies to recover from the storm.  Our Support and IT team members also remained on high alert and stood ready and willing to help the Atlanta team in any way they could.

photo 1

Burris IT team member Lauren Thomas hops on a forklift to support Burris Atlanta.

There were also team members from multiple facilities that dropped everything and traveled to Atlanta on a moment’s notice to lend support.  From our IT department in Milford, Delaware, two of our Business Analysts, Lauren Thomas and Gary Walstead, flew in to help receive some of the incoming loads.  From Rocky Hill we had three warehouse team members, Arenzo Washington, Jesus Nieves, and Claudius Wallace, that made the long trek south along with two warehouse team members, Joe Grieff and Luis Silva from Burris New Castle. We also had four Burris Orlando team members Andre Morris, LaRondrick Robertson, Manny Arroyo, and Ramon Santiago that braved the cold weather and came up from the south.

photo 2

Longtime Burris IT team member, Gary Walstead lending a helping hand.

The Atlanta Team asked me to express their sincere thank you to these team members and the many others that helped out last week.  Steve Mueller, Burris Atlanta’s Operations Manager said, “We were so impressed with the way these Team Members came in with only one thing on their minds and that was to do whatever was needed to help get us caught up.  The focus and dedication of these team members as well as the Atlanta team members truly defines the part of our culture that “We Are Burris”.

Thank you to our many dedicated Burris team members that truly care for our customers and our team members!


Duke, a Loader from Burris Atlanta, shares a big smile while helping the rest of the team get caught up!


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