How Burris Logistics is Driving Team Members to Career Success


According to a recent report by the American Trucking Association, the trucking industry will suffer a shortage of 174,000 drivers by 2024.

As of 2015, that shortage had already grown to 48,000.

That same year Burris Elkton formed a partnership with the Cecil County Community College’s Mid-Atlantic Transportation and Logistics Institute. The goal was to reward dedicated Burris team members with an exciting career path while strengthening the Burris Transportation Group.

In order to participate in the training, team members must be with Burris a minimum of a year with a satisfactory performance evaluation, clean driving record, and a recommendation from their direct manager. Once selected, the team member will attend 96 classroom hours with Cecil County Community College and 204 hours behind the wheel. They’ll also spend 12 weeks working in the Burris yard as a Yard jockey and 12 weeks on the road with a driver trainer.


The program has been a huge success and a win-win for the team members and Burris.  Congratulations to the more than 11 Burris team members who have already successfully completed the program. You’re going places. If you’re a Burris team member in Elkton, and you’re interested in becoming a truck driver, contact your supervisor today.

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