Meet Steve Palmer, Harrington Receiving Supervisor

steve-palmerSteve joined the Burris Team as a Order Selector in 2002 and has roughly 12 years of service – owing to a three year break in 2008. He’s worked at our conventional Federalsburg location briefly but ultimately returned home to the Hi-Rise environment at Harrington. Upon his return he began to pay more attention to the career opportunities available at Burris. He learned to run the sorter, how to load trucks, and how to palletize.

Steve has a quick smile and his favorite part of the job, talking to all the team members. He enjoys puzzles, fishing and video games. One unexpected thing Steve shared with me is that he’d like to one day is run with the bulls. That’s pretty exciting!  He’s no stranger to travel and culture, he was a Soldier in the U.S. Army from 1992 to 2000. He’s lived in Korea and loved it because of the openness of the people and Arizona where he wasn’t really crazy about the weather.

Though born in North Carolina, Steve grew up locally and now resides in Little Heaven, Delaware. I asked him if he had an interesting New Year’s resolution and loved his reply: “I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because you shouldn’t have to wait until a new year to do what you want to do. Start today!”

Steve’s motto is one from which we can all benefit, it’s MISSION FIRST, SAFETY ALWAYS.

When it was time to close out our interview and get back to work Steve had a few parting words, he wanted to thank everyone at Burris Harrington for the opportunity to grow professionally and be part of the “family.” He said, “If you are willing to put in the work here, you can turn a job into a career.”

Nicely said Steve! Congratulations on your promotion.

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