National Forklift Safety Day – June 13, 2017


In honor of National Forklift Safety Day 2017, I’ve collected some of our Team Members’ favorite tips for working safely on and around forklifts. Each year, too many preventable accidents injure or claim the lives of operators and bystanders.  

Thanks to Richard Burns, Trainer at our Elkton location who took the time to speak to me about the importance of forklift safety, I recorded a bit of our time together if you care to watch. Here are our top ten forklift safety tips.



  1. Carefully complete the inspection checklist before operating equipment.
  2. Forklift Operators are to maintain two bays’ distance from the selectors and vice versa while in motion.
  3. Drive with forks trailing.  NEVER forks first.
  4. Never “bulldoze” or push stacked pallets.
  5. Use Safe speeds and avoid abrupt stops.
  6. Pedestrians always have the right of way. Keep to the right/stay in your lane.
  7. Watch out for blind spots.
  8. Keep alert to floor conditions.
  9. Slow down and sound horn at corners.
  10. Keep the load level stationary when in motion and maintain center of gravity within Forklift Stability Triangle.*

*Almost all counterbalanced powered industrial trucks are supported at three points. This is true even if the vehicle has four wheels. The truck’s steer axle is attached to the truck by a pivot pin in the axle’s center. When this point is connected to the front wheels with imaginary lines, the three-point support forms a triangle called the stability triangle. So long as the center of gravity remains within this stability triangle, the truck is stable and will not tip over.

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