Team Member Success Story – Michael White From Burris Atlanta


Meet Michael White. Ever since starting as a Lumper in our Burris Atlanta warehouse in the fall of 2010, he has made it his mission to grow his career with Burris. He has worked in almost every position in the warehouse and recently received a very well deserved promotion to Receiving Supervisor! Here is his story.

Michael White Burris Atlanta

When were you hired and what was your first position with Burris?

I was hired on October 10th, 2010 as a Lumper.

Why or how did you come to join the Burris team?

I saw a flyer and looked up Burris Logistics, and applied for a job.

What other jobs have you held here at Burris? How did you learn about and become interested in your career path with the company?

I have been an office clerk, a scanner, and a lift operator. After doing some research I felt that Burris would be a great company to work for.

What did you learn that helped you to grow? Was there anyone who was a mentor to you?

Always learn as much as you can and do your best. Herman Littleton III, always pushed me to the limit and wouldn’t allow me to make any excuses. Eduardo Quinones made sure that I knew everything that I needed to be successful, and Kevin Magby saw something special in me. The Burris family gave me a chance and I will be forever grateful.

What advice do you have for fellow Burris team members on career opportunities at Burris?

Don’t ever think that the work you’ve done goes unnoticed, it is seen and appreciated and can speak louder than any words you can say. Your dedication and good work ethics will take you to the next level.

What do you like about the positions you’ve held at Burris?

All of them have challenged me in different ways and has helped me to become a leader.

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