Welcome to the Burris Blog!

Burris Logistics is happy to announce that we now have another outlet to connect with our current and potential partners, customers and team members – The Burris Blog!

Over the last few years, Burris has grown rapidly.  With all of the exciting additions to our facilities including new customers, partners, team members and multiple new locations, we knew that new routes of communication must also follow.

Along with blogging, Burris recently launched a Social Media Initiative focusing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Our goal is to reach as many as possible with our mission, culture and story.

Sarah Lauzen, Communications and Social Media Strategist

I am Sarah Lauzen, the main blog contributor and social media strategist for Burris. I am very excited to begin this journey. My history with the company began at a very early for me.  Jack Burris (3rd generation Burris family member) was my grandfather and my own father, Howard, worked for the company for over 30 years before retiring a few years ago.  The company has grown into an incredible business, and an extended family for all of our 1,800 team members.

I welcome comments and sharing of  the topics posted here, just please remember to be respectful!

Thank you for joining us on our sites and I look forward to connecting more people to our wonderful Burris Team!

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